Additional information on Capital Grant Applications


Additional Information on Capital Grant Applications


- Best to use Internet Explorer

- Complete form first online, save it as a draft and then attach docs (so that the attachments don’t slow down the process)

- Check auto-populated service details for accuracy

- Save draft periodically as it will time-out after 30 mins and you may lose unsaved form

- If a mandatory box is n/a, then type in n/a or 0 (zero) – don’t leave it blank.

- A red asterisk appears for mandatory boxes

- A red box appears for errors

- Drop down menus to be used correctly

- If you hover over a box with the mouse, a helpful comment should appear

- There is a 2000 character limit per box, this includes text and spaces

- You will get a Thank You message on successful submission.

- A blank application form can be printed to assist preparation of application but submission must be online via PIP

- Strand 3 (Natural Outdoor Play Area) – give detailed overall description of the area in order to put all items into context (eg tarmac can be included if it is a small element of overall area e.g. as a cycle path). Attach a detailed sketch to support application and photographs of your existing area.

- When you are ready to submit, contact your Development Officer for a final check.