Communication Development

Resources below

include a variety of areas; speech, language, social skills, fluency, ASD, Down Syndrome,Website has advice, activities and general resources to help with the development of children’s speech, language and communication skills.


Includes sections on attention and listening, play, language, speech, social skills and bilingualism;


Website includes information on developmental norms, a progress checker, resource database and information leaflets;



Website has some colourful resources for use in the classroom. Includes sections on social skills, speech, phonological awareness, language and classroom supports;



Information on including children with Down Syndrome in early years care and education settings;



Working with children with Down Syndrome – speech and language development;



Advice on how to support preschool students with a stammer;



Encouraging joint attention for students with ASD;


Creating communication opportunities for students with ASD;


Information on echolalia;