BABY’S FIRST XMAS - Children under 12 months







Created by Anna Newell

Funded by the Longford/Westmeath CYSPC


BABY’S FIRST XMAS is a gentle magical wonderland of gorgeous harmony singing, little lights and enticing textures. Created for babies under one year old by Anna Newell and David Goodall whose work for Early Years audiences has been seen on five continents. This Christmas show promises to delight and entrance the very tiniest of audience members. Each baby can bring one adult guest with them and, to make this a very special experience, audience capacity is very limited so please book early to avoid disappointment



BABY’s 1st XMAS has been especially designed for babies under 1 year old.


BABY’s 1st XMAS is a multisensory adventure for you to enjoy with your baby.  It takes place in a quiet little white tent set up in a venue in your area with a soft floor for you, your baby and up to seven other babies and their adults to relax in.  There are three performers and the show involves the performers singing and telling the story of the night before xmas with soft red blankets, sleigh bells, and with the green and gold colours of the xmas tree.  It’s a very relaxed atmosphere and the performers interact very closely with the babies, responding to each baby individually – so there’s no right way for your baby to respond.  And if your baby cries or is asleep or wants to move about, that’s all fine.  This playful way of interacting with your baby can benefit them in terms of bonding, language development etc. All you need to do is relax and enjoy the experience with your baby – don’t worry, we won’t make you sing!


BABY’s 1st XMAS will last about 20 minutes and you’re welcome to stay on for a bit afterwards to relax if you’d like.

Here’s a link to a short video about the show:




Anna Newell is based in Bray and has been making professional shows for audiences of children and young people since 1989. Shows that she’s made for babies and early years audiences have been seen off-Broadway, on five different continents and in every single Sure Start in Belfast. You can find out more about her work and see photos and videos here – and she has a Facebook page called Anna Newell Theatre Adventures with all the latest news updates about her work.

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