Welcome to Westmeath County Childcare Committee

Westmeath County Childcare Committee is committed to creating an environment that values all children, by facilitating the development of buy levitra pill an infrastructure of high quality early childhood care and educational services that support the holistic development of children in the context of family and community throughout Westmeath.

We provide extensive supports to Childcare Service providers who wish to avail of the government funding under the cunhanfeminista.org.br National Childhood Investment Programme, Community Childcare Subvention Scheme, Childcare Education & Training Support Scheme and the Early Childhood Care and Education Scheme. We also administer the Parent and Toddler grants and the Childminding Development Grants for County Westmeath. Coupled with this we provide development support to childcare services through information, training and networking events.
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  • Minister Reilly launches ‘Better Start, the National Early Years Quality Development Service’ initiative

    Minister Reilly launches ‘Better Start, the National Early Years Quality Development Service’ initiative to promote and enhance quality of early childhood care and education.

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    This year, while Fee Payment Policies (FPPs) have not changed in format*, the FPPs will be administered through the PIP System. Service Providers will be required to upload their FPP (including calendar and parent letter) on PIP, Westmeath CCC will begin the approval process.  View Profile
    The previous annual re-contracting process for the childcare programmes has been replaced this year by ‘re-entry’ through the submission of 2015/16 Fee Payments Policies (FPP) on the PIP System.
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    New DCYA Childcare Programme Contract Applications comprise of applications from childcare services that have not previously participated in any of the relevant childcare programmes OR from services that have previously participated in one or more of the childcare programmes but now wish to apply to participate in another 
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